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The story of welcoming a dog home for the first time is always special !
Everything is still new, exciting, and almost overwhelming at times, but it makes for an even more enriching experience that we cherish and always remember. We learn what it means to have a four-legged beings love us unconditionally and hold nothing back of themselves; because dogs just as the saying goes, truly are our best friends. It was the aim to celebrate this unique and fulfilling bond that sparked the beginning of our story.

Elegance & comfort, tailored for the most beautiful bond

At Canis Stellar, elegance and comfort are tailored into unique, timelessly chic items to accompany you and your best friend in your everyday rituals and adventures together.
Our goal is to offer you nothing but the best by pairing quality and design so you can both lead the way in matching sophistication.

Quality, Customization & Design at its finest

With the utmost care given to both the selection and fashioning of each of our collections, we also pay careful attention to the packaging of all of our orders, down to the last detail. A satin gold pouch, silk ribbon, and enclosed in our signature round boxes tied with a bow, each of our deliveries are made to feel like the most special gift.

To make your items feel truly unique, all of our signature leather collars and leashes include a matching dog tag to be personalized by you and your four-legged best friend.
Custom accessories designed and personalized, specially for the two of you.


Reaching for the Stars

Reaching for the stars, we continue to dream up new designs and accessories to reflect the elegance and beauty of the bond between your four-legged companion.

The story behind our Logo

The name and logo Canis Stellar itself actually come from the stars, and more precisely a constellation found in our night-sky!
The dog represents the dog constellation Canis Major which inspired the brand name Canis Stellar. As for the big star on the dog’s nose, it depicts the brightest star within the constellation Canis Major, which also happens to be the brightest in our night sky ! This star is also known as the dog star, Sirius.

OUR logo brought to life


Canis Stellar featured in famous British high-end fashion and lifestyle magazine TATLER print issues, as well as on their website.

OUR PASSION, YOUR STORIES – Meet our star models

Gentle, deeply loyal, and loving, Athena is always looking for cuddles from those close to her.

Effortlessly elegant, a strong independent nature, and a mind of her own, Aika is our beloved brand mascot.

Brave, protective, and with a strong spirit, Olympe is still a big puppy at heart always looking to play!

A beautiful Husky traveling the world with her human companion, Gala a star adventurer ! (@Greysibe on Instagram)

Beautiful piercing amber eyes, and a mustache-like snout, Pulau is a dignified gentleman labradoodle who is fabulously photogenic !

An aristocratically handsome Weimaraner with a love of the sea, Otto loves cruising on a boat, swimming, and sunbathing with his humans ! (@Otto_von_weimar on Instagram)

The most majestic land cloud, Menley is a magnificent Samoyed with a heart of gold who is friendly towards every person and animal he meets ! (@Menleybear on Instagram)

Majestic, a gentle giant and incredibly friendly, Rafa is a golden boy who steals the hearts of anyone he meets!

Sómi is magnificent icelandic sheepdog with a gift for being wonderfully photogenic ! He’s an absolutely adorable pup that loves to greet people he comes across with his endearing happy-go-luck personality.

An imaginative & good-fella Welsh Terrier boy with eyebrows and a brilliant mustache, Buddy is daydreaming, living, & walking in Tokyo.
(@Buddyyamamoto on Instagram)

The one and only One. The most handsome Pomeranian boy, One may only way 2.6kg, but he is a true lion at heart ! (@One_thepom on Instagram)

The George Clooney of dogs, at almost 15 years of age, Mickey is still looking as dashingly handsome as ever !
(@Mickey.Lily on Instagram)

Dog royalty, Duke is a dashing white standard poodle with a taste for the fine things in life ! Loving and playful, together with his sister Duchess, he makes life fun for his humans.
(@Duke_thepoodle on Instagram)

Maurice is sweet Pomeranian boy living his best life in Brussels with his beloved human companion Maud. Always better together, Maud and Maurice love to create new exciting memories with one another !
(@Lifewithmaurice on Instagram)

Beautiful Duchess is an elegant standard poodle puppy with a cheeky spirit! Enjoying puppy-hood alongside her brother Duke, she makes life exciting for her humans.
(@Duke_thepoodle on Instagram)

Baron “Bear” Brooks is an incredibly handsome Standard Poodle living with his beloved pawrents in Australia. With his natural pawfection good-looks, his incredibly gentle personality, & playful spirit, Baron captures the hearts & befriends the dogs & people he meets on his daily adventures.
(@Baron.the.bear on Instagram)

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