Canis stellar doodle – A TOUCH OF ART

At Canis Stellar, elegance and an artful touch are at the centre of all our designs. From our exclusive product design to our signature packaging, we wish to create a stellar brand universe to accompany our products. Using our signature Doodle style drawings, we strive to bring to life the creative thoughts and intentions behind our accessories and their design.

We’ve also designed a unique Collar Color guide using color theory and color psychology used in fashion and design which we’ve adapted for dogs to help you better visualize which of our collar collections would most suit your four-legged companion ! You’ll find a preview of this Collar Color Guide at the bottom of this page.

Our Signature luxury Collar & leash Collection


Presenting our Draco Black Collar

In Full Feather

Presenting our Cetus Royal Blue Collar

La vie en rose

Presenting our Pegasus Pink Collar

dragonfly effect

Presenting our Volans Pastel Blue Collar


Presenting our Draco Black & Cetus Royal Blue Leashes

Fashion twist

Presenting our Draco Black Leash

Dogo picasso

leading the way

Presenting our Luxury Leashes

space walk

Presenting our Night-Sky Blue Bowl

leap of faith

Presenting our Luxury Draco Black Leash


Presenting our complementary transport bowl within our bowl sets


Presenting our personalization service for all our complementary Collar & Leash dog tags

Light as a feather

Presenting our Luxury Royal Blue Collar

Shooting Star

Presenting our Comet Red Bowl

pop !

Presenting our Signature Treat Pouch

floral introduction

Presenting our Luxury Royal Blue Collar

dog collar color guide

Selecting the ideal collar that will most suit your four-legged companion’s look and personality can be tricky.

To help you with this selection, we’ve designed this unique “Collar Color Guide” using color psychology and color theory used in fashion and design which we’ve adapted for our canine counterparts.

We’ve tailored this guide according to the various coat colors found in the dog world to help visualize which collar color collection would most suit your four-legged companion.

You’ll also find this guide directly on our Collar, Collar & Leash Set, as well as our Gift Sets “Welcome Home” product pages’ tabs section below the product description.

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